Overwhelmingly Grateful

I am more emotional these days than I have been in a long time. I went through such a period of sadness, then another long period of strength. Now I am in this intense season of gratitude.

I look around at my life at this current point and sometimes it is hard to hold back tears. These are no long tears of sadness though, they are tears of joy. I am so blessed in all aspects of my life right now. My world is a very happy place. The kind of happiness I didn’t know existed or ever expected to have.

I cannot take credit for this happiness. Because I serve a god for whom all blessings flow.

During the start of this new journey in my life, I continually felt a particular bible verse fall on my heart. It spoke to me over and over “for you do not know the plans I have for you”.

I relied on this verse. It was all that could get me through the bleakest times. I couldn’t see it, then but there had to be something more for me. There had to be a reason for this pain.

And as he always does, God answered my prayers. And oh the blessings that he has given me. Oh the happiness. Oh the joy. It is truly tearful joy.

I would pray everyday for peace. That my heart would heal. I would tell god that I trusted him and I knew that he would present his plan for my life when he felt the time was right.

God did not disappoint.

I am thankful for the plans he had for me. Even the one that ended my marriage. I am thankful for the pain and for the fear. I am thankful for the strength. I am oh so thankful for the support of every single person in my life who got me through every moment of this journey.

We often forget to thank god for all he has done for us in times of happiness. I have been guilty of this lately. But god sent me a reminder in the form of my dear, sweet friend Lorene. Lorene is actually chads cousin, but I have been luckily enough, that despite the divorce, to have found a forever friend. We get together every chance we get during her visits home from Mississippi. Yesterday, she brought me the sweetest gratitude journal. She thought of me when she saw it and in all honestly, it has been heavy on my heart lately that I am of course and not serving my lord enough.

Ok god, I got it. You’ve made it loud and clear. I haven’t been thanking you enough lately either.

I think we all need that reminder sometimes. We frequently only pray or talk to god during times of need. During a hard time, grief, or suffering.

Sometimes I forget, even waking up every morning with good health and well being is a blessing.

I think a simple and easy way to have a grateful heart that is close to god is a morning prayer.

Here is a small prayer you can speak each morning:

Dear lord,

I woke up alive and healthy this morning. I am blessed and pray for all those who have so much less than I. I apologize for complaining and ask forgiveness for my sins. I thank you for all that you have done in my life.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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