We often attribute home to a place, an entity, a dwelling where we have spent enough time that we have bonded to it.

My childhood home was my parents farm. 60 acres where I played and where I stayed until I was 23. I had a happy home, with a happy family. My parents were supportive and there was always love to share. Those memories and family characteristics gave me strong morals and ideas for what I wanted when it came time to have my own home.

The first home I got to call mine was chads parents house. We moved into it after they have moved overseas. I learned quickly that was never going to be my “home” though.

It wasn’t the happy home I had envisioned all my life.

So when it all ended, it was as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

In October, I bought my first house. My real first home. A house that I could make a home of my own. One that no one could ever kick me out of or tear me away from.

I have learned since moving into my house, that home is less about the dwelling and more about the love that encompasses where you are. And love comes from the people that surround you.

I could live in a mansion or a cardboard box but the love I feel these days comes from people who are for me and that’s what home is all about.

Home is where your people are. Home is a phone call with my mama after not talking to her for a few days. Home is a hug from Jeremy after a long day. Home is taking the dog for a walk on the farm with my daddy. Home is listening to my nieces squeal and giggle or walking into work after a few days off and seeing my students. Home is FaceTiming my best friend in Texas, because she knows my heart better then I do some days. Home is Tuesday nights with my tribe, curled in a blanket at someone else’s house while we discuss our latest book club reading piece.

I have the comfort of “home” in so many places these days because home is everywhere and anywhere the people I love are.

But of course, nothing is more special then being in the house I bought with all the people I love. That’s what makes it all worth it.

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