Fall cleaning is the new Spring cleaning

Fall is a beautiful time of year. It’s the time of year where the world gets a little quieter, the hustle and bustle of the summer months is left behind.

One of the best describing words I can think of for fall is COZY. When I think of cozy, I think of warm apple cider, curled up on the couch with a soft blanket, reading, and watching the leaves change colors.

But before one can get cozy, one needs to prepare their home for a cozy atmosphere. And that is where fall cleaning comes in. Fall cleaning is just as important as spring cleaning, if not, even more important. This time period not only allows for deep cleaning, but also help you prepare for the holiday season. You can put your mind at ease knowing that your snooty mother-in-law won’t be able to make any slide comments about your home!

Here are a list of your must do falling cleaning tips!

1. Cleaning your windows:
Cleaning your windows is a must-do during the fall season. It’s even more important during the fall than it is in the spring. The spring and summer months, as beautiful and fragrant as they are with their beautiful blooming flowers, bushes and trees leave us with lots of pollen. It’s important to clean the outsides of your windows before you turn the air conditioning off and decide to throw them open and enjoy the cooler temperatures.

2. Steam clean your carpets
I tend to steam my carpets every three months. But I highly recommend steam cleaning your carpets in the fall. If you do not own a steam cleaner, I highly recommend the Bissell Crosswave (linked). Bissell Crosswave . If you have pets, and even if you don’t, it’s important to pull summer dirt, pet hair and odors out of your carpets. They will ultimately look and smell better! Even your crabby aunt won’t be able to stop gawking at it. Once you do it once, you’ll want to do it every weekend!

3. Clean off your bedside table
This may sound silly, and a waste of time, but your bedside table should bring you a feeling of balance and peace. It should have necessities, but not be cluttered. And it should ALWAYS be dusted. A dusty nightstand does you no good, ever. Take everything off your night stand. Throw away any trash, tissues, etc. Put hair bands back in the bathroom.
There should be a few key items on your bedside table. Always a lamp, a box of tissues and a clock and two things that make you happy. I suggest a picture that makes you feel good, a book your currently reading or a small jewelry tray. If your bedside table has drawers, find a home for anything else within them, neatly. Use baskets or containers and remember the inside of the drawer is almost as important as the top!

4. Kitchen deep clean
Your kitchen is one of the most used spaces in your home. Its where you prepare every meal and is often the center of family gatherings. Whether you are hosting a holiday celebration in your home this year, preparing a dish to bring somewhere else, or your the guy or gal who rolls up with a bottle of wine or whiskey, your kitchen should still be clean. Fall is a great time to deep clean your kitchen and prepare it for additional use during the holidays. We aren’t talking your normal weekly or monthly cleaning techniques. This is a multi-step process, so here we go.

First things first, your expired food purge. Go through your refrigerator, cabinets and pantry. Get rid of any expired or stale food. Whether its expired, stale or its just been open for too long, it needs to go too.

Next, wipe down and clean all your appliances. Run a self clean oven session, take disinfectant spray to your microwave, take everything out of your fridge and wipe down all the shelves and drawers.Then move to the pantry and cabinets and do the same thing. Remove all items and disinfect shelves and drawers.

Lastly, keep that spray out and head over to your trash can. Take out your trash bag and give the inside of the can a good spray down. Let the disinfectant spray sit for a while before wiping it dry. Your trash cans are one of the dirtiest surfaces in your whole house. It probably wouldn’t hurt to continue this practice throughout the trash cans in the rest of your home. And if your feeling on a roll, head out to your curbside trash cans and spray them down with the hose and some bleach. I promise you won’t be sorry and will feel extremely accomplished!

5. Home purge
This is a two step process and can be divided into two separate categories.1. Things that need to be thrown away and 2. Things I no longer need. Clutter is the ultimate stressor in the home. When you find yourself with more than can fit in your spaces, multiples of items and the inability to find a home for it all, its time to purge.

The first step is throwing things away. Things that are broken, things that have been over used or over loved. Walk around your home with a trash bag and purge any and all items that can be thrown away. If it is an item that is still in good condition, but no longer serves a purpose in your home, find a spot and create a donate pile. I tend to always keep large boxes that packages come in, just for this reason. I have found a spot in my basement where they can be stored, without being in the way. If you don’t have a place like this to store boxes then don’t, trash bags will work just as well. As you walk around your home and find these gently used but unneeded items, place them in the donate pile. Once you have gone through your whole home, bag or box up the items but don’t throw them in a corner and forget about them. Get them out of the house as quickly as you can. Take them to Goodwill or Salvation Army, or call a someone like the Purple Heart Association, that will pick the boxes or bags up right from your front steps. If you plan to use the Purple Heart option, I would recommend planning a day that you are going to do your purge and schedule your pick up ahead of time. They are often scheduled out a few weeks at a time. If you are interested in scheduling a Purple Heart pickup, you an click the link below:

6. Seasonal closet clean out
Its finally that time of year, the weather is getting a little cooler, and you will be exchanging your shorts and tank tops for jeans and hoodies. But before you just throw everything back in storage, take a moment go through your closet and decide what should stay and what can go.

There are a few rules to cleaning out your closet that you should follow to maximize your space and your wardrobe options:

  1. Don’t throw anything away, donate it! (Except maybe your intimates, no one wants to find your skimpies in a box of donated clothes). Your once worn dresses and gently used jeans can become someone’s brand new wardrobe. If you know you are going to be switching out your seasonal clothes and plan to do a closet clean out, align it with your home purge and have donation boxes, including your clothing, taken out at the same time! This will ensure that the clothing actually leaves the premises and doesn’t end up accidently back in the drawers.
  2. Toss out duplicates! If you have two or more of the same piece (even if they are the different colors) choose your favorite and only keep one. Which leads me to my next point…..
  3. Get rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel good. If it doesn’t fit, the cut is not what you desired, the color doesn’t fit your complexion, then consider it gone. There is no need to hang on to something that you like the thought of, but do not actually like on your body. This is a great time to try on your “maybe” items and determine whether they will stay or go. Honestly, you should not keep anything that you don’t love. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to buy a new pieces of clothing, and chances are it won’t be too hard to find something similar to a piece you gave away because you didn’t love it then.
  4. Since we are on the topic of having the opportunity to find similar articles of clothing again, I am begging yall, please don’t save clothing that is no longer trendy in hope that the trend will come around again. Trends come and go, but if I had kept every graphic T-shirt from the 90’s I had, I would have 20 boxes full. I understand that they are now “vintage” but the N-sync shirt I just saw at Target yesterday will also be considered vintage in 10 years. No home has enough storage to keep everything that you hope will pop back up years down the road.
  5. Last but not least, give yourself permission to only wear your favorites if you want too. If you have a few specific pieces that you would wear every day, then do it! Ok ok, maybe not everyday, people might start looking at you funny, but at least once a week. I have a Disney princess T-shirt that my beautiful friend Krystina bought me for christmas. It came from an awesome local boutique. It is so soft and is the perfect fit. I wear it all the time! To be honest, its the kind of shirt that when it gets too worn, I will probably buy a replacement for it. Just wait to buy the replacement until after your ready to let go of the original (remember no duplicates!).

Well, there you have it folks! Your fall cleaning must-do’s. I know 2020 has not been at all like anyone expected, but with fall comes new beginnings. I hope you enjoy every moment of this beautiful season!

Until next time
– Kate 💕

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