About Katie

Well Hello!

I’m Katie Henault! I am so happy to have you joining me on my life journeys, through my blog.

My love of writing started at a young age. I wrote a few short stories in middle school that I never shared with not one soul. I was selected as one of few to attend a writing conference in high school and was honored to attend the Technology Student Associations national conferences in Chicago for my technical writing submissions. My love of writing never left me, even after my abilities to do so decreased.

Words on paper are my preferred form of communication. Verbally, words don’t come to me quickly or easily, but on paper, they flow.

I was born and raised in Magnolia, Delaware. To the two best parents anyone could ask for. I am a special education middle school social studies teacher at a Charter school in Camden, DE. I love my job and couldn’t imagine doing anything different. I am an AVID reader. There is no place in the world I’d rather be than Disney World. Gardening is definitely my jam and I get really excited about flowers. I am the proud mother of 2 big fur babies. Jack and Barrett are very loved and very very spoiled. Fall is my favorite season and I live for pumpkin spice lattes. I date this really great guy named Jeremy, I adore him.

My life has been landscape of mountains and valleys. I have overcome and climbed, just to turn around and be knocked right back down. One of the ways I have continued to persevere is by remember one specific metaphor someone told me years ago.

Life is a Ferris wheel. You go round and round. The view from the top is incredible. But you can’t stay there forever. There will be times that you find yourself back at the bottom. But never fear, you will always find yourself making the climb back to the top.