Book Recommendations

If you didn’t read my Bio, I’m an Avid reader. So I thought I would share with you what I have read recently and whether I enjoyed it or not.

I have recently started subscribing to The Book of the Month Club. A friend referred me, and so I want to be able to refer you! Each month, for less then 15 dollars, you are sent a new book, of your choosing! That’s at least 5-10 dollars cheaper then you will ever find them in your local target, and they are shipped right to your front door, free!

Below you will find the link to sign up!

Many of the books that you will find in The Book of the Month Club and on my own personal list are recommended read from Reese Witherspoons Book Club List.

Below you will find the books I have already finished reading. Next each book you will see an Emoji. The emoji explains how I felt about each book. These are just my personal opinions! And I in now way mean to slander any titles or authors.

❤️ = I loved it

🥱 = It was ok

👎🏻 = It wasn’t my cup of tea

🤯 = Blew my mind

1. Where the Crawdads Sing ❤️

2. The Handmaids Tale ❤️

3. The Testaments (sequel to the handmaids tale) ❤️🤯

4. Educated 🥱

5. All the Missing Girl ❤️❤️🤯🤯

6. Such a Fun age 🥱