Bucket List

I believe that everyone should have a bucket list. They are things to look forward too, goals to be reached. If you truly want something, it is never out of reach. And that’s what these ideas are to me. They are symbolic to my ability to achieve anything I put my mind too. I encourage you to make your own bucket list, and start crossing them off!

As I begin to check off my list, I will keep you all apprised to my progress!

1) Learn to sew

2) Visit all 50 states: not just drive through them (currently – 13/50)

3) Go to Newfoundland and learn about my grandmothers heritage

4) Visit the area where my mother grew up and go to dollywood

5) Visit famous sites in American history – Williamsburg, Gettysburg, Mt. Vernon etc

6) Visit famous battle sites from the Civil War

7) Run a 1/2 marathons

9) Find out my official Hogworts house in Universal

10) Run for a public office

11) Learn fluent sign language

12) Take beginners ballet

13) Learn to golf

14) See the northern lights

15) Tour Europe

16) Visit every Disney theme park in the world

17) Visit all 62 “National” parks

18) Publish a book